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From Michelle Gamaker Williams’s The Bang Straws (2021)

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A Screaming Comes Across the Sky

El Nopal Press, Los Angeles, 26 Jan – 26 Feb, 2023

Pastor Projects has a first video show up at the El Nopal Press, Downtown, LA.

Adam Chodzko (UK)
Calixto Ramirez (MX)
YSA [Jonnie Brooks]
Tessa Garland (UK)
Michelle Williams Gamaker (UK)
Klaus Wehner (DE)

We continue our probing of the threshold between the civilised/humanised and the inanimate/animalised – We listen to human voices, their stories, their media, their transmissions reaching the cities, reaching further into the forests, mountains, the sky – even further – to other planets, empty space, the indifferent universe…

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Los Angeles, 26/01/2023

In collaboration with El Nopal Press, Pastor Projects launches a new permanent showcase for high-profile and emerging, cutting-edge contemporary art film makers in Downtown, LA.

The first show, A Screaming Comes Across the Sky, runs through 26 February and features a strong line-up of exceptional artists with works by Adam Chodzko (UK), Calixto Ramirez (MX), YSA [Jonnie Brooks], Tessa Garland (UK), Michelle Williams Gamaker (UK), Klaus Wehner (DE). Los Angeles, this latest node in Pastor Projects’s exciting and unique nodal network, joins already established nodes in Tijuana, Tecate, Mexico City, London, Copenhagen.

VIDEO: The show, the excitement, the return – LA to Mexico — All in 1 minute and 56 seconds.

The Nopal Press & Pastor Projects

A thrilling aspect of the new permanent art film showcase in Los Angeles is the great opportunity for Pastor Projects to explore new collaborations and alliances by occasionally reaching out and inviting artists/curators/collaborators to guest-curate Pastor Projects’s video showcase in at The Nopal Press in Los Angeles.

The Nopal Press & Pastor Projects

With more than 20 years on 109 W 5th Street, this storied space enables Pastor Projects to present regular contemporary art film programming. The unique opportunity is a result of a new collaboration with owner and master printmaker, Francesco Siqueiros. Like Pastor Projects, Francesco Siqueiros also holds big emotional, creative and intellectual stakes in Mexico. Francesco Siqueiros was born in Mexicali and proclaims to still have “unfinished business” in the Mexican bordertown and his Nopal Press is, much like Pastor Projects, is to a great extent fuelled by a continuing interest in the liminal space of the borderland. 

The curation profile continues Pastor Projects’s consistently eccentric eclecticism and is further evidence of the gallery’s commitment to explore new and intrigueing juxtapositions as a part of Pastor Project’s larger progressive vision to carve out new space for a currently retreating cosmopolitanism and give new life to its values and principles. 

This powerful vision relies on theory and practice as tools, which in turn are fuelled by the dimension of space, spatial dynamics and spatial configurations. 

The vision is sustained by the ambition to ultimately reconfigure the field of contemporary art and beyond. With this emphasis on space and geography, Pastor Projects is propelling (and is in turned propelled by) concepts related to spatial dimensions and presently overlooked philosophers of space like French philosoper Henri Lefebvre and such works as his epononymous 1974 title, The Production of Space/La Production de l’espace.

Though presently unfashionable in contemporary critical theory, we believe the dimension of space to be the primary determinant of all human culture. To ignore this is to shirk responsibility and to deliberately slide several rungs down the ladder of human civilization.

The exploration of space is linked to Pastor Projects Director, Thomas Vann Altheimer’s, continuing engagement with theatre, performance and film, as well as Pastor Projects’s partnerships with research institutions, in particular the Arts & Culture department at Sheffield Hallam University and its affiliated, interdisciplinary, artist-led research platform, Empathy & Risk, of which he is a member of the board.