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About Pastor Projects

Pastor Projects is an artist-led gallery situated in Tijuana/Tecate, Mexico on the border to the USA. Its trajectory has up until 2022 been characterised through its nomadic character with the majority of its shows taking place in site-specific locations in the iconic bordertown, Tijuana, Mexico. It’s ephemerality extended to its name. Before 2018 the platform was known as Onda Corta – Border Blaster. With a first show with Claire Acosta set in a disused mall in Ensenada in 2016 (press).

The marginal locations of such shows, including the new physical space in the small bordertown of Tecate, presents an embodiment of the main curatorial strand in the conceptual development, which revolves around questions of liminality and visibility. Some shows have taken place in central location like Mexico City, London and Copenhagen–in this manner giving the periphery temporary visibility in line with its main mission and philosophy. Given the theoretical nature of the platform, Pastor Projects, has formed partnerships with similar curatorial platform like Empathy & Risk, Looking Forward (both London); Sheffield Hallam University and Universidad Iberoamericana, Tijuana. One significant result of this collaboration was the important symposium, The Other Dialogues, 9 and 16 June, 2021, and the subsequent Sheffield Hallam-sponsored publication.

One of Tijuana’s famous “Zonkeys” gets a break from pics with tourists on the main drag, Avenida Revolución.

Pastor Projects Inaugural Talk at Relaciones Inesperadas in Tijuana, 31 Jan 2018: Are We Laughing With or At Contemporary Art?

¿Nos reímos con o del arte contemporáneo?